Boss Up Culture was created to help women lose weight and gain confidence. With the help of our easy to follow plans and waist training. 


We know getting in shape can be hard for women especially  moms, young professionals, and college students. Getting to the gym and eating healthy can be hard to squeeze into a busy schedule. That’s why our plans include meal plans that can be prepped at the beginning of the week and at home workouts that can be done anywhere. 

What’s awesome about waist training is you can also do it anywhere! Wearing a waist trainer while working out, lounging around the house, and underneath your everyday clothes helps you burn more calories, improve posture, and instantly gives you a confidence boost!

Let us help you get not only a healthier body, but a healthier lifestyle!


Hey! I’m Zaakira Gallman, the creator of Boss Up Culture.

I’m fun, outgoing, adventurous, a lover of all things food related and I have been helping women by sharing my weight loss journey for 6 years! I can’t imagine where I would be right now if I hadn’t become health conscious and launched into the world of health and fitness. I live in Atlanta and I enjoy working out and eating healthy most days. (It hasn’t always been like this lol)  Now, I coach other women and create awesome plans that include the tips and tricks that have helped me lose weight and keep it off for good!

I started my weight loss journey back in 2012 as a senior in high school, I was severely obese and prediabetic. I didn’t realize my health had gotten out of control until my feet started tingling every time I ate. After doing some googling, I found out this was a symptom of diabetes. When I started my journey, I knew nothing about nutrition or exercise, I just knew I needed a change! 

In the past 6 years, I’ve studied and researched the best practices for sustainable weight loss, which lead to me losing over 70 pounds. Everything that I recommend I have tried and seen results from. 

I quickly realized that getting healthy is not only about changing physically, it's a whole new mentality. This shift in mindset is what I call Bossing Up. Bosses make moves, not excuses. Bosses make sure things get done. There isn’t a better feeling to me than crushing my goals and getting the results I want in every aspect of my life. I wanted more women to start, so they could experience the same empowerment. 

Boss Up Culture is more than just a health and wellness brand. It’s a way of life. Created to inspire other women to get in control of their life starting with their health, so they can have the confidence to boss up in other areas.

 I love being able to help women get unstuck and get results. You can connect with me personally on Instagram @zetasohealthy.


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