21 Day Weight Loss Challenge - eBook

21 Day Weight Loss Challenge - eBook

This is NOT just a PLAN, it is a weight loss CHALLENGE with an emphasis on proper diet and exercise. This Plant Based Weight Loss Challenge has been a PROVEN, TESTED weight loss tool, with boss babes losing up to 15 lbs in 3 weeks*. 


  • Prep Week Detox Recipes
  • Meal Plan for 21 Days
  • Grocery Lists
  • Recipes
  • HIIT Workouts 



The foundation of the 21 Day Boss Up Challenge is PROPER DIET & EXERCISE. There is a daily boss up points tracker to help guide you in these areas.


Boss Up Points Tracker- To be successful, you must be the boss of your life, your tracker will hold you accountable for the things you eat, and your physical activity.

  • Diet- You get points for eating a diet of veggies, fruits and protein. Eat food with no more than 10g of Sugar, keep high sugary fruits at a minimum. Replace sugary drinks with WATER... coffee, tea, fresh homemade juice, protein shakes and meal replacements are ok. 
  • Exercising- Full body workouts will be sent to you weekly. Feel free to do cardio instead but you must burn 600 calories 5 days out of 7


PREP WEEK- This is a week given to PREPARE for a successful 21 Day Challenge. This challenge is not easy, it requires a commitment to YOURSELF, prep week separates those who are ready from those who are not. WILL YOU MAKE THE CUT?


*disclaimer, you should consult your physician before starting any new diet and exercise regime, results vary 

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